Immersive Idea Screening

Running ideas past your colleagues is good. But running them past your customers is better. Know exactly which ideas are worth pursuing with our fast and reliable idea screener.


Key Facts

test in bulk

Test in Bulk

Put multiple ideas in front of your ideal customer and capture their genuine, immediate, emotional response.

in context

Show Your Ideas in Context

For more trustworthy results, immerse your customer in the moment they’d enjoy your product. Set the scene, evoke their senses, and focus their mind with an engaging video.


Consolidate Your Ideas

Find out which ideas click with your customers most. They’re ranked from best to worst through a combination of eight criteria that determine in-market success.


Get Straightforward Results

In just 3-5 days, you can dive into an intuitive dashboard of insights with recommendations for which ideas are most distinctive, relevant, engaging, and unique.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • The only immersive idea screening solution on the market

  • A focus on fast, automatic, and innate system 1 thinking to get the most powerful results. Specially formulated questions and answer options to elicit the most natural, trustworthy responses

  • We can see things others can’t. We know successful innovations break shopper and consumer habits and make their lives more enjoyable, so we evaluate your ideas on their potential to do this

"PRS IN VIVO’s innovative approach enables us to focus on the right concepts. Every test, which has system 1 and system 2 consumer behavior at its heart, offers valuable insights that help us maximise the potential of the project."


Insights Manager

Foods International


Ready to Test Your Ideas?

If you’re in the early stages of NPD then now’s the right time to put ideas in front of your customers.

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