Sales of Plant-Based Food Products Are Slipping Worldwide. Make Sure Yours Don’t.

Get the latest plant-based behavioral, retail, social, and market insights to make your plant-based products a success.

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Since 2020, the number of vegan products available to consumers has increased by 23%. But after huge growth, sales of plant-based products have plateaued or dipped. Even one of the pioneers of the plant-based burger is now one of the most shorted companies on the US stock market.

One reason for this turbulence is that some early adopters of plant-based meat alternatives are trying products once and vowing never to buy them again. Why? Brands are not meeting their high expectations.

What does this mean for your existing products and NPD. Do consumers still have an appetite for plant-based alternatives?

Our whitepaper explores the plant-based product landscape, consumer expectations, and provides an actionable roadmap on how to make your own plant-based products a success.

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Key Findings – A Sneak Peek


Consumers of plant-based products are young and driven by more than just nutrition


Brands and retailers need better ways of collecting and using customer data to keep up with evolving trends


Plant-based products need to focus on taste and indulgence


Product availability and inspiration/experience limits the variety of plant-based meals


Marketing and positioning should be more inclusive and less preachy